The weirdest thing about going to see Shazam was that I went into it with no feelings whatever for the movie.  You might ask yourself why that matters and I will tell you exactly why.  Avengers Endgame comes out in two weeks and I will be perfectly honest with the fact that I spend 6 hours waiting on my phone to get tickets to see the first showing in IMAX on opening night.  Yes, I am that nerd, I am that nerd who will be wearing an Avengers t-shirt to the show, and I am the guy who will see it multiple times.  All of that being said there is also the return of the last season of Game of Thrones coming up this Sunday.  Looking there basically has been tons of nerding out here so I will get on with the review but just know these things have jaded my opinion.

Shazam is a movie that any kid growing up or adult who remembers being a kid would enjoy.  What is not to like about a kid who gets to yell the word Shazam and become a superhero.  In that sense this movie does work.  It has similar flaws that all origin stories have in that the first part can be dull and boring and then pick up as the superhero learns their powers.  The biggest culprit of this has always been Batman seeing as everyone knows his parents die and it gets old seeing it every new movie.  But I digress.  Shazam was on the whole an entertaining movie.  It is more comedy than anything and I think it was another step in the right direction for DC movies.  The best parts of the movie are hands down when Shazam learns of his powers and his foster brother runs tests to see if they work.  DC is getting back on track a little with recent movies like this, Aquaman, and the preview of the new Joker movie (which I will include at the end).

All this being said I cant resist the fact that I need to see Avangers before I review anymore superhero movies.  Shazam was a decent movie that had some great jokes and I encourage seeing it after you see Avengers.  Below will be a bunch of trailers for shows I am excited for, as well as, Shazam.  Shazam is receiving 5.8 buckets of popcorn.  I may have to rescore at another time but that’s where it is going now.  Avengers trailer literally gives me goosebumps.

5.8 out of 10

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