Netflix Trifecta! “The Dirt,” “Triple Frontier,” “The Highwaymen.”

I recently read that Netflix was putting $8 Billion dollars into original content for their streaming service.  Reality is that you should have Netflix and its many options available to you going forward.  Lets start with their most recent movies they have made The Dirt, Triple Frontier, and The Highwaymen.  It amazes me that these movies are made on Netflix with the type or actors they get and stories they tell but the reality is times are a changing and Netflix is a freight train with its original content.

First up is “The Dirt.”  The Dirt is a movie that details the lives of the rock band Motley Crue and their rise to fame growing up.  For myself the most noticeable member was Tommy Lee but once I watched the show I realized I recognized Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil and Mick Mars.  This movie is very Rated R and absolutely tries to showcase their craziness on tours which involved tons of sex, drugs and rock and roll.  I have never been a huge fan of Motley Crue but I do enjoy some of their songs so in that sense it was cool to hear their music throughout the movie.  If you were to compare this movie to Bohemian Rhapsody it would not quite compete.  Their is not exactly a story line and it really jumps around quickly to try and showcase each band members life as best they can.  This becomes difficult to do simply because each member deals with so much in their life.  Where is does succeed better than the Queen movie is by simply being more honest about what their life was really like.  I felt after watching Bohemian Rhapsody that they shied away from who Freddy Mercury really was and tried showcasing his life as PG when it was anything but that.  All that being said if you like Motley Crue and are interested in their story this is a decent movie to watch on a Sunday Afternoon.

The Dirt is receiving 4.2 buckets of popcorn out of 10.

Triple Frontier is a movie that had so much potential with its cast that I was jacked to see it.  That was obviously my first mistake.  I had too high of expectations for this movie.  With Oscar Isaac, Ben Affleck, and Charlie Hunnam who wouldn’t be excited??  Ok so Affleck is a hit, miss, miss, miss, hit kind of actor at this point and honestly he was another miss here.  The movie is about a group of former military serviceman who are retired and in contracting work who decide to rob a Narco boss in Brazil.  Basically what follows is a gluttony of mistakes that I always feel like wouldn’t happen with guys as smart as they claim to be but naturally it wouldn’t be a movie if it all went smooth.  Overall I felt this was a decent action flick and worth a watch if you find yourself watching Shawshank Redemption for the 80th time on TNT and need to mix it up.

Triple Frontier is receiving 4.3 buckets of popcorn.

I am finishing up with The Highwaymen because it is the best of the 3 movies.  The movie is about the two Texas Rangers who were brought in to bring down Bonnie and Clyde by any means necessary.  The movie stars Kevin Costner and Woddy Harrelson as the two retired Rangers and follows their pursuit to try and track down the infamous robbers and murderers.  The movie does not at all glorify the criminals in any way and actually discourages the audience from doing so.  It is wild to think that they were viewed as heroes even though they killed dozens of citizens and officers but they have been positively portrayed as such in many movies and in real life.  The movie is a classic tale of buddy cops on the road trying to bring down criminals.  That being said I found the story very well done and the acting superb by both Costner and Harrelson.  This is not a shoot em style movie that you would think but rather more of a detective natured movie that follows the real life story and people involved.  If you are a fan of Costner and Harrelson you will not be disappointed and I encourage watching this.

The Highwaymen is receiving 6.2 buckets of popcorn out of 10.  Check out all the trailers below!

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