“I got 5 on it.” Never has a song been both cooler to listen to while also providing such tension and creepiness.  Obviously this song has played throughout the trailer for Us but the way Jordan Peele used it along with other songs in the horror film really amplified what it means to pick the best songs to be in movies.

Make no mistake about it I had nightmares after seeing the movie Us.  It is a great horror film and I highly highly recommend viewing it from that perspective.  Us is the follow up to Jordan Peels breakout hit Get Out and is centered around Lupita Nyongo’os character Adelaide and her families trip to their summer beach house.  If you have seen the trailer or watch it below you already know that the family encounters creepy copies of themselves and the movie takes on ideas of other horror movies of home invasions.  As with Jordan Peeles first movie there are many underlying themes and messages throughout the film and while Get Out knocked it out of the park, you can get lost trying to figure out all these underlying messages.  That’s why I stated you should view this film as a horror movie first and then go back and think on what his messages were because there were many.  I personally viewed the characters in red as inner demons and the underprivileged.  I think there were many other take aways you can find but that is how I viewed them initially.

As far as an overall horror film I loved it.  It is very tense throughout and offers a lot of basin horror movie themes but Jordan Peele is thrusting himself as one of the best directors and writers we have today.  The movie is beautifully shot with set pieces that stand out and music that hits on every note.  The movie has what a lot of horror movies have and that is kids.  Kids are downright creepy in horror movies.  Us is also hilarious.  Yes, I said hilarious.  Winston Duke, who plays the father, made me laugh numerous times even in the midst of the horror taking place with his family.  All this being said the absolute star of the film is Lupita Nyongo’o.  She is able to portray fear with every look she has at the camera but she also plays the films antagonist and she is WILDY scary.  Between her voice, movements and motivation she plays a great villain.

Overall Us stands out because Jordan Peele continues to make movies that are original and different from anything being made today.  It can be bogged down by too many underlying themes that can be confusing if you let your mind wander but as an overall horror movie I loved it.  I think if you like movies in general it is absolutely worth seeing.  Us is receiving 7.8 buckets of popcorn.  Check out the trailer below


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