Captain Marvel

As the song “Just A Girl” blared in the IMAX theater while I watched Captain Marvel I couldnt help but think how bad ass Brie Larson was at playing this super hero.  I also got the feeling that it will be fun to watch Brie Larson kick Thanos ass in the upcoming Avengers Endgame.  Beore I dive into how Captain Marvel will affect the future of the MCU lets chat about her solo introcution.

As I stated above Brie Larson is bad ass and a great pick for this role.  Some could argue that Scarlett Johansson should have had a solo film as Black Widow but this is the direction the MCU took and I personally like the way the stories are playing out.  With all this being said the story for Captain Marvel doesnt exaclty stand up to some of Marvels better movies.  Basically the hardest part of the movie is that Brie Larson has to spend 90% of the film without knowing who she really is and having no recolection of her past.  This left her being sort of frozen and stuck in a character that wasnt really her.  Without spoiling any of the movie I will say that once she finds out and remembers who she is her character takes off and you can be excited for future films she will be in.  Along with Larson the other stand outs of the film were Sam Jackson as a young Nick Fury and Ben Mendolsohn who played the films antagonist and is hilarious.  This movie is filled with big time actors that have key roles, such as, Jude Law and Annette Bening who both play major roles in Carol Danvers becoming Captain Marvel.

As I have stated before I dont think this movie is up to par with some of the other Marvel movies but it is still cool to see.  It is full of 90’s easter eggs with pagers, blockbusters, and Nirvana all shining throughout it.  Overall seeing this movie in IMAX added to the experience and it has me fully jacked to see Avengers Endgame.  I love that it didnt give anything away for that movie and stayed in the moment.  It is receiving 6.9 buckets of popcorn.  Below I included the trailer but I also included the Endgame trailer which I think is a must watch if you are excited for that movie.



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