I am not ashamed to admit that certain movies make me emotional and make my mind wander for those who are no longer with us.  Paddleton jumps into that list quite easily but as always when that happens I believe it to be a good thing.

Paddleton is a movie on Netflix that stars Mark Duplass and Ray Romano as two goofball friends that only enjoy each others company and goofy antics.  The main story is about how Duplass’s character becomes terminally ill and decides to end his life before he gets too sick.  The idea may seem dark and depressing but the movie feels so real as both actors play their role perfectly.  I personally have never faced what Duplass has in the movie but I have experienced the role that Romano plays to a small degree.  I want to say that this movie is actually quite hilarious in a subtle and goofy way.  I truly found myself laughing a lot during this movie even though there were times it was difficult to watch.

What the movie truly did for me was remind me of my uncle Ryan.  Seeing as the movie had the vibe of living out his best days before they got worse I couldn’t help but try and remember what my uncles last best day was.  You obviously never know that it is a person’s last best day but you can look back and think you know what it was.  For me it felt that this day was a Friday night that me and Ryan were supposed to drive to Great Falls to watch my sister play basketball.  At this point in time Ryan was already very sick but could still get around on his own.  I don’t know what it was exactly but I made a last minute decision to change our plans and set up the game on the big screen at the Country Club bar and watch it there instead of driving 2 hours to and from to see the game.  Seeing as this was last minute I really had no idea who would even be at the bar other than my other uncle Zach because I told him we were going there instead.  To even my surprise and theirs a lot of Ryan’s closest friends were there just having some drinks.  The night turned into watching the game, having some drinks, playing keno and listening to Ryan’s best friend Steve yell at the tv which is honestly one of the things we love about him.  I honestly cant remember if Ryan ever made it back outside of the hospice building after that night but for me that’s why I keep remembering it as his last best day.  It might not have been but it was in my mind.  He got to be with his friends at his favorite place to be.  Its almost a year now since he passed away from cancer and its safe to say I miss him a lot.  I lived with him for 6 years, sat next to him at work, listened to him tease me, cried together when our friends Kyle and Casey passed away, and overall were more than just Uncle and Nephew.

I don’t believe I have ever told that story to anyone.  Maybe its corny but sometimes that is what movies can do.  I may have watched a movie for 90 minutes but it really brought me back to a day with my uncle that I enjoyed.  So clearly I encourage you to watch this movie.  I don’t know how exactly to rate the movie itself because it is receiving a 10/10 for personal experience.  Ill give the movie a 4.4 because 44 is a lucky number! Check out the trailer below.

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