Free Solo

I had to remember to breathe watching this documentary!  Free Solo is the award winning documentary about Alex Honnold and his quest to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.  The particular climb is over 3,000 feet and no one in history has ever made it to the top while free climbing (no rope).

This is a fantastic documentary that follows Alex’s life as he leads up to climbing El Capitan.  It literally had me feeling anxious and squirming and I was just watching on TV.  That is how tense this doc is and if you are scared of heights just a little you will feel anxious as well.  It blew my mind that numerous times he fell and hurt himself while on a rope and one day just woke up and decided it was time to do it.  You could sense how on edge everyone was because it was his friends who were filming this and some could not even watch the screen as they were filming from below.

The film is very captivating and I love how it dived into Alex’s life and how he feels about it because that seems to tell more of his story than just climbing.  I don’t know exactly how to rate this because it is a documentary so I will just give it a 7.5 seeing as it won an Oscar for best documentary.  Watch the trailer below!


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