Spike Lee has a way of using beautiful and eye catching visuals in his movies.  Blackkklansman is no different as I can recall so many scenes where I felt the imagery alone was moving.  That being said I really enjoyed his latest movie that is about a African-American police officer who successfully infiltrates the local KKK.

If the story itself sounds wild that is because it is and I felt Spike found the perfect actors to help express the tone of the movie.  Racial injustice was and is still a major issue in our countries past and this film does dive into that subject full steam ahead and I believe that is the best way to understand this issue.  The movie is full of laughs but also full of serious themes.  Clearly hate and bigotry is used throughout the film so if you don’t feel you can listen to constant words that are offending then I would stay away from this movie.

The movie itself is hard to review because I feel like I would not be doing it enough justice.  I don’t believe it is the best movie Spike Lee has ever done but I do feel it is still quite good.  I sometimes wonder how people can be filled with such hate but I think that the movie is able to touch on this subject that makes it enjoyable to watch.  Overall I believe that Blackklansman is totally worth seeing!  It is receiving 7.3 buckets of popcorn


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