Alita: Battle Angel

“That was cool,” “oh wow this is awful,” “Ha that was funny,” “I have to go to the bathroom I might just leave.”  Yes, these are all thoughts I said to myself while watching Alita: Battle Angel.

Alita is a story in the future around the year 2600 where an event called “The Fall” has already taken place in which all floating cities have fallen.  Obviously this premise asks a lot of the viewer to get caught up with the stories that have taken already taken place within this movie.  Alita is a cyborg that has been placed back together by a doctor but she has no memory of her life before this.

Look even as I type about this movie it brings up feelings I had during the movie in which I did not like it.  I had higher expectations simply because the cast is stocked full of talent and I always enjoy futuristic movies but this one was difficult to get through.  There are some really cool action sequences to keep you entertained but if I am being totally honest I did not like this movie.  On a side note the whole movie centers around this game called “motorball.”  I wish I was making some of this up but maybe this can fall into the “its so bad its good,” category.  Anyways I am boring myself writing about it because this should have been much better.  The trailer will be below if you want another look at it.

Alita: Battle Angel is receiving 2.7 buckets of popcorn.


2 thoughts on “Alita: Battle Angel

  1. Murph, do you see literally every movie that comes to our theater? Because unless the answer is yes, I don’t know how this movie made your cut. The most interesting thing about this movie was how they shifted gears in the trailers they released.

    The first one played up the human/robot teen love angle, and the second ignored all that and focused on the action side. The other interesting thing was me confusing Mahershala Ali for Wesley Snipes because I only half paid attention to the commercials and it seemed like a better fit for Snipes than a recent Oscar winner.

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    1. haha yes I do try and see every movie that hits theaters depending on what actually comes to town. The hard reality is seeing this many movies you are bound to see some bad ones and I generally try and be positive but this one was not very good at all. So many good actors and actresses and even included James Cameron! sometimes its just a miss.


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