The Upside

Sometimes it is just hard to pass up a good buddy comedy.  The Upside, however, is a buddy comedy that adds different elements of real life struggles and issues that I believe elevated it from your classic “two different people meet and become best friends.”

The Upside is the true story of a paralyzed billionaire and a parolee become great friends.  The movie explains how they become to be such good friends but I don’t think I am ruining anything by mentioning that a lot of it has to do with the fact that the billionaire has hired Kevin Harts character as an in home caregiver because he knows he doesn’t have the skills required to resuscitate him in case of an emergency.  There is a lot of detail within the film for why these characters are in their current situations and honestly that is a big part of the movie and I don’t want to spoil it.

As far as how I felt about the movie is pretty simple.  I enjoyed it and actually found it to be one of Kevin Harts best performances mainly because he wasn’t going over the top trying to be funny.  Kevin showcased a more serious side of himself in order to play the role while still being able to deliver the comedy that he is clearly great at.  Bryan Cranston gave a good performance and can be equally as funny as Hart in my opinion.  The subject matter can be difficult at times considering a lot of it is surrounded by depression but the film overall leaves with a great feeling of happiness.

The movie is called The Upside for a reason and can be seen as uplifting.  I wasn’t wowed by anything but I did enjoy it and got some good laughs during the movie.  The Upside is receiving 6.1 buckets of popcorn


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