Well even as I am getting ready to type about Serenity I am still unsure of what I want to say about it.  I honestly cant tell you if it is good or bad.  I feel like it had the potential to be really good but maybe fell flat.  Potentially it is just not that good and weird.  Either way here we go.

Serenity is a movie I went into without ever seeing a preview for or reading anything about so naturally I was curious how it would go.  I have to admit that the first half of the movie I really was not sure what was going on and when I did finally figure it out I started the process of if I was enjoying it or not.  The basic premise is Matthew McConaughey is a run down fisherman who is after the big score.  He struggles to make ends meet comes off a bit crazy.  It is when he down and almost out when his ex wife comes back and offers him 10 million dollars to kill her current husband.  It is quite difficult to discuss how the movie progresses because it will ruin spoilers within the movie.  What I will say is that the movie itself is different and its subject matter is something new and I generally really enjoy movies with new ideas because lets face it Hollywood struggles with new ideas.  I just don’t know that the movie hit its mark of being all that good.  Anne Hathways character is very odd but after understanding what is happening maybe that was the point.  Look if this review is confusing I understand because the movie is a bit odd itself.  Personally I don’t think it is worth seeing in the theaters but if you happen to see it when it comes out maybe you will enjoy the ending and appreciate it as it touches on some heavy subject matter that is relatable to younger generations.

Serenity is receiving 4.8 buckets of popcorn for basically being original and having a solid cast.

4.8 out of 10

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