Green Book

It was a great and busy movie weekend for me as I caught up on some movies to review.  The first one I viewed will be the highest rated and that is Green Book.

Green Book is the story of Tony Lip played by Viggo Mortensen and Don Shirley played by Mahershala Ali.  Mahershala is becoming one of my favorite actors to watch these days and he does a fabulous job portraying one of the greatest pianists of our time during an era in the 1960’s that was more difficult.  The story is about how Don Shirley takes a musical tour of the south and needs a driver to get him from town to town safely.  Considering this was the south in the 1960s you can understand that race is a central theme of the movie and how horrible Don Shirley was treated.  The relationship that builds between Don Shirley and his driver Tony Lip truly does bring a smile to your face and gives you hope that people can treat each other with respect and dignity.  They were not friends to begin this journey and often times argued about everything but it was their honesty with one another and willingness to be open that made them great friends until their death.

This movie is shot beautifully and the chemistry between Viggo and Mahershala shines which makes it easy to understand why this movie is up for Academy Awards.  There are some laugh out loud funny moments, as well as, some depressing moments.  Overall this is a great movie to watch and I encourage you to do so.  There is a line from the movie that stuck with me and I think it is great to share.  “It takes courage to change a persons heart.”

Green Book is receiving 7.2 buckets of popcorn

7.2 out of 10

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