The Mule

I feel as though my opinion about Clint Eastwood has changed over the years.  I have never been quite fond of him personally but feel that he does know how to make quality movies that at their core tug at your emotions (American Sniper).  The Mule, on the other hand, feels like he used it as an excuse to be racist and project his personal feelings onto the big screen.

The Mule is a story about a man (Eastwood) whose flower business goes bankrupt and he ends up being a drug mule for a cartel.  The way he becomes this mule is so random and odd that it ends up being laughable when its all said and done.  Not only does he become a mule but he becomes the best one in the whole cartel which allows him to act in any manner he pleases.  His character does not speak to his family and when he does it causes a scene because in his past he would be at events that gave awards to the best flower producer.  I promise I am not making this up.  He missed his daughters wedding because he received an award for prettiest flower.  Anyways as far as the rest of the movie is concerned it is very slow paced filled with many plot holes.  Bradley Coopers character is so little used he feels he might as well not have been in the movie.

Overall The Mule just was not that good of a movie other than you get your patented Clint Eastwood scowl at the camera.  The Mule is receiving 2.5 buckets of popcorn.

2.5 out of 10


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