Bird Box

Welcome to 2019!  We will begin the new year with the much talked about Netflix movie Bird Box.  Netflix has really been stepping up their movie game as of late and I for one love it.  Even though you can watch these movies at home I still make a point of it to go get movie theatre popcorn.  Just nothing better than popcorn from the theatre.  Now time to review!

Bird Box has been receiving huge word of mouth reviews for people to watch it but I am here to tell you that if you have seen either The Happening or A Quiet Place then there is no need to see Bird Box.  I felt that Bird Box had some very good acting by Sandra Bullock I just could not shake the fact that the movie is so similar to The Happening and A Quiet Place.  In Bird Box there is a “creature” that makes people see things and eventually commit suicide in graphic ways (The Happening).  In order to battle against this Sandra Bullock and her group of survivors cover their eyes in order not to see these creature which is very similar to the family in A Quiet Place having to keep silent from the creatures.

All in all if you haven’t seen either of the movies I have mentioned before then maybe Bird Box will appeal much more to you than it did for myself.  There are many good characters and actors in the movie who all do a great job of showing the fear and danger of the “creatures.”  There are some very suspenseful and graphic scenes in the movie but that did feel necessary considering the subject matter of the world ending.

Overall Bird Box is worth watching if you have not seen The Happening or A Quiet Place.  While I am on the subject if you haven’t seen The Happening I am telling you now do not waste your time because it is TERRIBLE.  Bird Box is receiving 4.1 buckets of popcorn mainly because of the similarities to other movies.  Check out the trailer below

4.1 out of 10

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