The Fifth Woman

I always need a good mystery book to read after I finish a more deep book as I did before.  The Fifth Woman certainly filled the need for a page turner as it always peaked my interest to continue the next chapter.

The Fifth Woman by Swedish writer Henning Mankell is about a detective named Kurt Wallander in Ystad Sweden.  There are multiple Wallander mysteries but this was my first experience and I truly enjoyed it.  The story is about how men are falling victim to a murderer in Ystad who is killing in very disturbing ways.  One man has fallen on top of bamboo stakes, another found tied to a tree and more occur as the hunt for who the murder is takes place.  What makes the story so interesting is how detective Wallander tries to connect all the murders as they do not make any sense which pulls the case in many directions.

I never pick out my books at the book store but rather give my opinion on what I might want to read next which has made it so odd that all of the mystery books I have been given have been by a Swedish writer and an Icelandic writer.  It makes me laugh that I have a tough time pronouncing all the names but it has also put an itch in my head to travel to these places.  Odd because the books are mysteries and not about travel tips.

Anyways if you are looking for a good page turner I really suggest reading any book by Henning Mankell and his stories about Kurt Wallander.  I know that my next mystery book will be another of his.

The Fifth Woman is receiving 6.5 cups of coffee out of 10.

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