Well now that was something!  DC has found a way to perfectly portray a man who can speak to fish that is a super hero.  Honestly thought this movie was wildly entertaining!

Aquaman is a movie that 100% understands who the character is.  He is a silly, awkward, and just overall bizarre super hero and the movie is all of these things as well.  I would say that it is so over the top corny that it makes it wildly entertaining.  Jason Momoa just runs with the roll so well that he makes a perfect Aquaman.  He spends half the movie with no shirt on and Amber Heard wears some outfit that resembles a Jelly-Fish.  They did a really good job of making the under water scenes fun and enjoyable to watch which I was worried about going in.  The movie features a crab army, sharks with lasers on their heads, dinosaurs, Aquaman and Mera eating flowers, Pitbull singing “Africa,” and some super dorky jokes.  If that doesn’t sound like a good time then your going to the movies for the wrong reason.  The movie had an awesome soundtrack that played well throughout the show.  I advise going into this show to just laugh and be entertained.  It is not a great movie but it knows what it is trying to be and I loved it.  I am glad DC got this movie right because they need something to go with Wonder Womans success.  The more DC tries to be different than Marvel instead of trying to copy the better off they will be.  All hail the Ocean Master!! Yeah that is a line from the movie!

Aquaman is receiving 7.5 buckets of popcorn for being a hilarious take on an awkward character.  I think I will even see this again in IMAX so I encourage seeing it if you are looking to get a good chuckle and watch a cool movie.

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