A heist movie gone right!  Widows is the story of (shocker) three widows who come together after their criminal husbands are killed during their last heist job.  I promise that isn’t a spoiler that the husbands are dead.  The name of the movie is Widows after all.

Widows turned out to be a great heist movie and I want to start there; with the positives.  This movie features Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez and Elizabeth Debicki as the titled widows and their quest to pull off the next heist that their husbands were set to do until they perished.  This movie, while being a great heist film, touches so many other subject areas I found it to be highly entertaining.  The movie involves politics, crime, social issues and other forms of violence all while taking place in Chicago.  The movie gave me a faint, I repeat FAINT, resemblance of the HBO series The Wire.  I want to make it clear that I am in no way saying it is anywhere near as good as that show seeing as it is one of the greatest TV series of all time but I will say that it touches on many of the subjects that The Wire did as well.  The cast also includes Liam Neeson, Colin Ferrell, Robert Duvall and Daniel Kaluuya.  The relationship between Ferrell and Duvall as father and son was quite entertaining.  The movie is fast paced but keeps you on your toes with twists and turns.

The negatives of this movie all stem from the fact that I believe this could have been a fantastic 8 episode series because it had so many good characters and plot lines that needed to be developed.  There were simply too many moving parts and plot lines that a two hour movie just couldn’t keep you informed on all the characters and their storylines.  Seeing as there were so many plot holes and missing pieces of the puzzle I cant rate this movie higher than it possibly could have been.

Overall Widows is receiving 7.1 buckets of popcorn for being really a great heist movie that missed the potential to be something greater.  The cast was fantastic and it had a great director in Steve McQueen.


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