Creed II

Tonight is a battle for the Heavyweight Championship of the World and for the life of me I couldn’t tell you who in the world the actual fighters are.  Just like the Rocky movies Creed makes me wish for the days when boxing was viewed as it was in the past.  Legendary heavyweight fighters where everyone couldn’t wait to watch their next fight.  Seeing as I find myself not interested in watching the fight tonight I might as well discuss Creed 2.

Creed is everything you remember from Rocky movies and the previous Creed movie with a couple different elements.  Yes, Creed brings back an old foe in the Dragos from Russia.  You should know that it is literally a carbon copy of Rocky IV but who cares I love it! Adonis Creed is now the heavyweight champ and is challenged by Viktor Draggo (son of Ivan Draggo who killed Apollo Creed in the ring) to a fight which Adonis accepts to fight for his name.  Before I get to the fights I want to address that this movie does a great job of building of the characters and that the acting by Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson are phenomenal considering their story lines are quite vague.  If you see the movie I promise you feel emotion from these two when they are on screen discussing their daughters health. 

Now as far as the boxing goes in this movie I have to say it was awesome!  They do such a good job of making it entertaining and vicious.  If these guys actually took this many shots to the head I doubt they would be fighting very long but it sure makes for an action packed fight scene.  Adonis has to face Draggo who easily outweighs him by 40 pounds but the wild thing is that I actually felt bad for Draggo.  I didn’t feel bad because he could beat the pulp out of Adonis but rather that his life after his father lost to Rocky was quite depressing.  I really enjoyed how they brought the story together for the Draggos but he for sure did not come off as a villain to me, but rather, someone you felt bad for. 

Overall Creed 2 is an enjoyable movie.  It has a great soundtrack and the entrance by Adonis in the climatic fight was one of the coolest entrances I have seen in boxing real or not.  The movie does have a lot of plot holes but lets be honest you don’t go see this movie to dissect plot holes.  You go see this movie to have Rocky speak words of wisdom, the workout montages, the fight scenes, and if you are like me its always enjoyable watching Tessa Thompson.  Creed 2 is receiving 6.9 buckets of popcorn.


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