Outlaw King

Did you ever want to see the sequel to Braveheart?  Well Outlaw King is the movie for you as a more fact based story about Robert the Bruce and his rebellion following the death of William Wallace.

To begin, I stated above that Outlaw King is a more fact based movie because it is well known that Braveheart (as amazing of a movie as it was) was full of untrue stories of both Wallace and the Bruce.  But since we are not here to talk about Braveheart lets move on to Outlaw King.  Outlaw King is the story of Robert the Bruce and his path to becoming king of the Scots and his rebellion against England.  This movie is more of an accurate portrayal of the Bruce and showed how he lost major battles and had to go into exile to avoid being killed by the English.  I felt this movie was shot very well in the sense that the scenery was gorgeous and overall it felt of the times.  To go along with this I have to warn you for just how gory this movie is.  The battle scenes are extremely gory which makes sense to me because if you imagine hand to hand combat with swords and axes it would be quite gruesome.  Chris Pine does a fine job acting as Robert the Bruce and the movie is full of Game of Thrones actors which always makes me smile.  My favorite character of the movie is played by Aaron Taylor Johnson who is known as Douglas the Black.  If you remember the Irishman from Braveheart and how crazy that guy was multiply it by 10 and that is this character.  The movie is shown on Netflix so if you have that you don’t even need to go to the theater!

Overall I thought the movie was well made and the battle scenes were top notch but didn’t build characters enough throughout the movie to help you care more about them.  Such a hard time to live and it is shown in the movie with how gruesome is was.  You do however get a quick glimpse of William Wallace which I thought was integral to the story! Outlaw King is receiving 6.6 buckets out of 10.



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