Bohemian Rhapsody

Lets be honest, you will absolutely be singing along and stomping your foot in place during this movie because the music of Queen is so damn awesome!! Rami Malek was phenomenal in his portrayal of Freddy Mercury but sadly that is kind of where the movie is at its high point.

Granted I am not from the generation of Queen fans but even I love and appreciate their music and can sing along with all of their hits but the movie is quite a sloppy mess.  In an effort to keep the movie PG-13 they tried blurring the lines of Freddy’s life with silly shots of bottles of booze and white powder on the table.  Even Freddy’s sexuality is portrayed in an odd way during the movie.  Granted this is a movie and not a documentary but all it would take is one search on the internet and you will find out more about the real story of Queen than anything the movie gave you.  Now I am not positive but I don’t ever remember Queen splitting up and joining back together again for the Live Aid festival but I digress.  While the movie is a sloppy and all over the place mess this is still Queen and Rami Malek steals the show.

The last 20 minutes of the movie are worth it to see if anything because of the reenactment of Queens Live Aid performance.  The movie portrays the performance exactly how it was done during the concert and you will find yourself smiling and half ass singing along.  So while the movie may have been a hot mess maybe it succeeded in the fact that it had my foot moving and my mouth lip singing and smiling.  If you are a fan of Queen I assume you will enjoy the movie but might be just reminiscing about how great their music is.  The Mike Myers scenes were also quite enjoyable if anything because of his connection to the song

Bohemian Rhapsody the movie is receiving 4.9 buckets of popcorn.  If I was rating just Rami Malek and Queens music though they would be in the high 8s!  Below is the trailer and the Live Aid performance.


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