First Man

Everyone knows that Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon but it does feel that because of his quiet personality we do not seem to know much about him.  First Man is a movie about Neil and the experience he had while preparing for this daunting task.

First Man was a very slow paced film that is more about the visual experience than it is dialouge.  I believe this is the case because it is a movie about a man who himself was quiet and rarely shwoed emotion.  What I really liked about the film was that it showed the struggles that NASA and Neil were having in getting to the moon but also showed how the country was split with whether they felt NASA and landing on the moon was important.  Most people know about Apollo 11 but I think some (myself included) did not really know all the trials and tribulations that led to getting to the moon.

I also liked the aspect of the movie that showed the relationship between Neil and Buzz Aldrin.  Buzz is not in the film long but his scenes do depict that he was not well liked from the others but was good at his job.  All the space and flight scenes I felt were visually outstanding but I also went to see the movie in IMAX which always adds to the experience.  Overall I felt that the movie moved at a very slow pace with little emotion from Ryan Gosling.  I belive a lof of that had to do with the man he was portraying but still it did slow the movie down.

First Man is worth seeing and I reccommend seeing it in IMAX if available.  First Man is receiving 6.8 buckets of popcorn

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