Yikes!  I talk a lot during basketball season how potential is undefeated on paper but never shows up during games.  Well somehow Venom fits that mold as well.  Venom had exactly that! Potential.  And Venom was just downright not a good movie.

First off I am a huge Tom Hardy fan so I am likely to see anything with him involved and I do believe that when he signed on to play this role there was a different vision for the character.  With the success of Deadpool and Logan being great rated-R antihero movies it seemed as though Venom was next in line to take the torch.  They even filmed Venom to be rated-R and later changed their minds and made so many edits and changes its almost cringeworthy to watch on screen.  Tom Hardy himself has come out and said they cut his favorite 40 minutes of the movie.  40 minutes!!! That is a lot of movie to cut that your lead actor felt was the best part of the show.

The action scenes were merely okay and even that is a shame because this is a character that is well liked.  Speaking of well liked, the main idea of Venom and Eddie Brock being compatible is that they are both losers.  Sorry but Tom Hardy has a hard time coming off as a loser.  Another random thing I noticed is that they mentioned “kryptonite” in the movie and I couldn’t help but wonder how they would know of such a thing?  That is a lot of nerd coming out in me but they aren’t even in the same universe.   Now, there were some things that I enjoyed and all of them were the interaction between Venom and Eddie because how else would one act with a parasite in their body that is talking them in their head.  Even as I am typing I could have actually enjoyed two hours of just Tom Hardy and Venom having conversations and am wondering if I just watched your classic “its so bad maybe its kind of decent” movie.

With all that said clearly Venom was a disappointment but also growing on me with how bad it was and is receiving 4.9 buckets of popcorn.

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