If you feel as though life online is somewhat complicated and overflowing then seeing the movie “Searching” will bring about the nightmare that the internet can be.

Searching is a movie about the disappearance of Margot Kim and her fathers search to try and find her.  The film is surprisingly dark and delves into some pretty scary thoughts about what happens when someone goes missing.  Where this movie obviously differs from others is that it is all “filmed” through the lens of the internet.  Whether it be FaceTime, YouTube, security cameras, or Instagram that is how you are viewing the movie which just like the internet can be overwhelming at times.  What makes this movie enjoyable is that it really dives into the dark side of the internet and how the father unravels a whole secret life about his daughter that he did not know of.  This is a really good crime thriller that provides twists and turns but make sure you pay attention to all the details that pop on screen!  I will say that while I thought this was a good movie there are some things that are not believable and for that reason it will get knocked down a peg for me.  It will be a good movie to see when it comes out on TV but I wouldn’t say this is a must see in the theaters.

Searching is receiving a 6.6 buckets of popcorn out of 10.

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