It Only Takes a Moment

A Major twist is provided in It Only Takes a Moment and I have to fully admit I did not see it coming.  It Only Takes a Moment is a story of Eliza Blake and her daughter Janie Blake.  Eliza is the host of KEY to America which is basically a version of Good Morning America.  While she is at work her only daughter and housekeeper are kidnapped from their home.

I found the story to be very well written and flowed easily throughout all the twists and turns.  What I enjoyed about the book was that it is written from first person point of view from many different characters throughout the story.  This is a book that I could easily see made into a movie as it provides enough twists to keep the reader guessing as to who is involved of the kidnapping of Janie Blake.  The story involves people from all walks of life helping Eliza on her journey to find her daughter because she is such a national figure in the mainstream media.  This is also the problem for Eliza because the story draws so much attention and the reward for any information is so high that brings out the crazies looking to offer false information.

Overall if you are looking for a nice easy read that is full of suspense and mystery then It Only Takes a Moment is right up your alley!  If any reader would like to read my copy I am more than happy to send it to you, just contact me!

It Only Takes a Moment is receiving 6.1 cups of coffee out of 10.

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