A Simple Favor

I would like to personally give an Oscar nomination to whoever the costume designer was for A Simple Favor.  Blake Lively was straight FIRE with her outfits in this movie and Anna Kendricks was not far behind.

Now that I got that out of the way lets review the movie!  I went into this movie really with no inkling of what it was about or any expectations.  That is usually a recipe for me to end up liking a movie and that was absolutely the case with A Simple Favor.  In my opinion the movie is very similar to that of Gone Girl but is funnier and has an odd dark side to it that will throw you off.  Blake Lively steals the show but Anna Kendricks played her part perfectly.  Both characters are broken and dark in their own ways but what really stood out to me was how funny both of them were throughout the movie.  Their scenes together were the highlight of the movie and I actually somehow wanted to watch more even when it ended.

I would say that A Simple Favor was a surprise hit this year and is receiving 6.9 buckets of popcorn.  The movie is definitely worth seeing and I will again when it comes out on DVD

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