TAG and Oceans 8

My first ever double feature review!  I am going with a double feature review because I was not able to see either of these movies in theaters so I settled for renting them.  Lets start with Tag.

Tag was shockingly dull to me.  I know I have personally been in a funk and usually a good place to escape is into a movie but for that and other reasons Tag just did not do it for me.  Tag is the true story of a group of friends that have been playing the same game of tag for over 30 years.  Now that is actually a great story and was really cool to read in the Wall Street Journal.  Tag the movie however was so outlandish and odd that I didn’t even muster a chuckle from it.  It should be noted that the movie in no way is attempting to tell the actual story of the real life friends but rather just took the idea and made a bad film.  My best way to describe it would be to imagine a James Bond movie mixed in with a Pee Wee Herman movie and expecting it to make sense.

Tag is receiving 2.1 buckets of popcorn.

Oceans 8 is a good twist on all the original Ocean movies as it actually takes place in the same “universe” where Sandra Bullock plays the sister of George Clooney from the Ocean movies.  I enjoyed the fact that the movies in a way cross over and they actually bring in some of the cast members from past movies.  I really liked every character in the Oceans 8 cast except for Cate Blanchet.  For some reason the character came off as odd and over the top which is saying something for a movie that is about a heist of the Met Gala.   I always enjoy the twists of the Oceans movie and Oceans 8 provided a solid ending that I enjoyed.  Was this movie outstanding?  No, they did use the exact same scenes plot ideas from Oceans 11 that seemed as a cheap way to add to the movie.  Overall though Oceans 8 is a decent movie to watch on a night in at home.

Oceans 8 is receiving 5.2 buckets of popcorn.

My trip to Europe cannot come soon enough to escape for awhile!  I will even be adding a blog about my trip in place of a movie review when I return!

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