Being hung over on a holiday weekend is sometimes a given.  Seeing as I was in that state I decided to help cure it with a cool dark room, popcorn and a coke.  I am running dry on some of the movies in theaters so I went with the movie Alpha.  I wasn’t exactly excited to see the movie but I thought I would check it out.

Overall I would say that Alpha would be best seen in an IMAX theater.  It is more of a visual movie with vast landscapes as it takes place in Europe 20,000 years ago.  It is the “story” of how a wolf basically becomes the first domesticated dog.  The story was really not all that great but I did like how the relationship between man and dog developed.  Just as in life today both the man and the dog leaned on each other to make it through their journey together.  The one visual negative I had with the movie was they showed too many snow storms that blocked out a lot of the beautiful landscapes.  I know they had to do this to progress the story but I personally felt it took away from one of the best aspects of the movie.

The other positive from seeing this movie is that I get to take advantage of showing off my best friend.  His name is Nash and he is my almost 2 year old Lab.  Alpha is receiving 5.1 buckets of popcorn.  Unless you want to see it in IMAX I would advise waiting until it hits DVD or even better on TV to see it.

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