Crazy Rich Asians

Somehow the same became different, and better.  Don’t be fooled Crazy Rich Asians is similar to most romcoms you have seen but they somehow found a way to make it so much better than some of the ones I have seen in the past.

Crazy Rich Asians is your typical romcom about a couple who goes to visit the boyfriends family when the girlfriend finds out that he is insanely rich.  I am going to be straight up with you from this point.  I only remember two names from the movie because there were so many characters so I apologize.  Rachel is a Chinese American so when she visits Singapore she is already looked down upon for being an immigrant and dating the most famous and rich man in the town, Nick Young.  Nick’s family is CRAZY rich and think Rachel is not good enough because she comes from a poor family in America.  The movie takes place in Singapore and I have to tell you I instantly wanted to travel there.  The way they filmed the movie it looked so beautiful and bright it looked like the place to be.  Even shooting scenes of everyone eating made my mouth water and popcorn was no longer satisfying my hunger.  The title of the movie does not lie.  Everyone is rich in this movie and all the scenes are so over the top with people spending money it kind of makes me laugh but it made me think to myself, “this is exactly how I picture the mega rich living.”  The movie really centers on the relationship between Nick, Rachel and Nick’s mother.  Nick’s mother is very open about her dislike for Rachel not being good enough for Nick and they both play their roles in the scenes very well together.  Speaking of roles I have to say the movie is perfectly cast.  Every character played the perfect role even if their screen time was minimal.  I found myself laughing numerous times throughout the movie and found it to be truly enjoyable.  The film culminates around a wedding (that only cost 40 million dollars) and it perfectly sums up the movie as a whole with everything that happens.

Overall I felt that Crazy Rich Asians was totally fun and worth seeing if you need a good laugh or want to see how the ultra rich live.  Crazy Rich Asians is receiving 7.7 buckets of popcorn.

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