Mile 22

Sometimes I blame not being into a movie because my head isn’t focused and I would love to tell you that was the case with Mile 22 but unfortunately nothing could save it from being any good.

Mile 22 is so terrible I cant even imagine watching it on tv when I lose my remote and cant change the channel.  The dialogue is corny at best and the action sequences are so preposterous I don’t even know what I can relate it to.  The only positive I can take from this movie is that tis runtime was 90 minutes which meant I didn’t have to waste 30 more minutes of my time.  Apparently Rhonda Rousey was in this movie although you might not know because she had about 3 lines that even Rocky would describe as flat.

Overall this was just a poor movie and it is apparently part of a trilogy only I have no idea how or why that is the case.  Mile 22 is receiving 1.1 buckets of popcorn

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