Mission: Impossible Fallout

I am not sure at what point during the two and a half hour run time of Mission Impossible Fallout I thought to myself “wow this is too long for something I usually enjoy.”  Granted my mind might have been elsewhere towards the end of the movie but sometimes you just get the feeling that a movie drags on too long.  That being said……

MI6 still manages to do what it intends and that is entertain the moviegoer with action.  The other thing that Mission movies continue to do is get me to watch Tom Cruise even though I do not like him.  He has a way of being in movies that I genuinely find entertaining despite my dislike of him.  Mission movies are starting to get into that realm of Fast and Furious movies where I know I enjoyed the movie but literally couldn’t tell you what plot points stand out from all of them.  The best scenes from MI6 come in the form of the hand to hand combat scenes.  Between the helicopter and motorbike scenes (which are cool to some extent) they are just so outlandish and drug on that I find the more intimate scenes more enjoyable.

One side note that I found quite funny is that we finally got to see Henry Cavill show off the mustache he needed to have CGI take out during Justice League where he looked so ridiculous.  Overall I felt that Fallout was entertaining to a point, had some really good action scenes, but dragged on too long.

I am giving Mission Impossible Fallout a 6.9 out of 10 popcorn buckets.

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