The Day is Dark

Give me a good mystery book and I will be enthralled for days.  The Day is Dark by Yrsa Sigurdadottir is now the 5th book by this author that I have read.  She is an Icelandic author that drew my attention about 2 years ago and whenever I am feeling stuck in another book I will buy a new one of hers to bring me back!

The Day is Dark is another story about the lawyer Thora from Reykjavik  (for reference I am not going to be spelling out the Icelandic last names as I can neither remember them nor know how to spell them).   All of these books contain Thora as she gets involved in mysteries that she eventually solves even though she is a lawyer that is on the case in some capacity.  This story involves Thora as she travels to Northern Greenland to find out what happened to 3 missing mining workers as she works on the case for the bank financing the operation.  The local habitants of the Greenlandic town do not want the miners there because they are going near an ancient area that is cursed from decades past and the miners will perish if they enter.  As Thora finds out more and more details of the workers life on the site she unravels more clues that confuse the operation.  Human bones are found spread out through desks, a man is frozen solid in the freezer, and the weather makes it near impossible to go outside.

The story is a classic mystery and each chapter leaves you hanging fruit of which you continue to want more.  Yrsa’s writing style brings you to the story itself so you can view it as though you are a character.  When they mystery is solved you feel satisfied and entertained which is why I love her writing.   I encourage anyone to read one of her novels and you will undoubtedly want to read more.

The Day is Dark receives 7.7 cups of coffee.

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