Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado

The list of sequels that end up being great is quite a short one and Sicario 2 doesn’t even come close to reaching it.  Sadly it falls into the more populated group of bad, why did they need to make another, oh it was for the money type of sequels.

I should make it clear that I loved the first Sicario.  I felt it was original, had a strong cast that all played their parts well and had a story line that flowed outstandingly.  Where Sicario 2 went wrong is quite simply where most sequels go wrong.  They tried to make it bigger, badder and bolder.  The story felt so far fetched and over the top that I could never take is seriously.  Sicario seemed as though it took the story line for Logan and altered it to fit their story but unfortunately that doesn’t really when you work you apply it to real life.

The elements that I did like about the movie were Benicio Del Torros character.  His story arch from the first film is still the best part about the movie about how he lost his wife and children to cartels and thus turned into a Sicario.  The one issue I have is how the movie again trying to take it to the next level makes him nearly invincible.

Overall Sicario is receiving 5.4 buckets of popcorn

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