Incredibles 2

Atmosphere can make or break a movie.  Sit in a crappy seat or having people who talk behind you all movie can ruin it for you.  But……what if your at the drive in and are laying in the back of a comfortable car?  Yeah that sounds about perfect! So as it turns out Incredibles 2 already had a leg up for me simply because my atmosphere was perfect.

That being said having to wait 14 years for a sequel now a days seems insane but man was it worth the weight for Incredibles 2.  Pixar rarely has any misses and even as I get older I still think they are enjoyable.  Wall-E is still my favorite Pixar movie but Incredibles always felt like such a classic as well.  This time around a baby and a raccoon stole the show.  My favorite character and favorite scene involved the baby Jack-Jack using his multiple powers as a baby to battle a pesky raccoon.  I loved how Mr. Incredible had to take over the house as a stay at home dad while Elastic Girl was off saving the world as these were most of my favorite scenes.

The one major flaw I would have to recognize is how obvious the twist of the movie was.  As I typed that last sentence I sort of realized I just critiqued a twist in a cartoon made for kids but who cares I seen it a MILE away!!  Incredibles 2 is very entertaining for people of all ages as adults I am sure will relate to the “how does math change” scene.  If I had to recommend seeing this movie I would say do so at a drive in if possible.  It just adds to the atmosphere.

Incredibles 2 receives 7.4 buckets of popcorn.  The drive may have added .4 points there!

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