I don’t know about you but being out at sea where you can no longer see land has always frightened me.  That is probably why I have never been that far out to sea and why movies like Adrift will keep it that way.

Adrift is the true story about Tami Oldham and her fiancé Richard Sharp and their journey to sail from Tahiti to San Diego.  Part of the way through their journey a hurricane was approaching and despite efforts to out run it they capsized with over 1,500 miles left of their journey.

The movie is actually a combination of a love story mixed in with drama surrounding the capsized boat and tale of survival.  Seeing as I enjoy both Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin as actors it was quite easy for me to believe and understand their love story.  Both people I would describe as drifters and explorers who are searching for joy in their life wherever life takes them until they finally reach each other.  Without getting into detail about what happens on their journey and subsequent disaster I will say I really enjoyed the movie as a whole.  It allowed you to care for the characters and build their story while also keeping you on edge about how they are handling being adrift at sea.

Adrift receives 6.9 buckets of popcorn.

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