I was trying to figure out what noise I was making when describing my feelings towards Solo: A Star Wars Story and I think the correct spelling is “Mmeh.”  In a way a kind of expected this feeling.  I was not as excited to see this movie as I have been with the new Star Wars movies where I will drive an hour just to see it in IMAX.  I instead waiting two weeks and went on a night where there were other movies I wanted to actually see.  Seeing as I review movies I knew I had to get it in.

There were good action scenes but I am really starting to doubt the need for people to make Prequels (other than to make money obviously) but I know for a fact that Solo was not doing well at the box office thus far and I think it is because it is a movie that no one really needed to see.  The best part of Han Solo in the original movies is that he is a bit of a mystery and a wild card.  Knowing how his story eventually ends it made it even less exciting to see where he came from.  If there was an aspect I did enjoy about watching his prequel it was the way that Solo and Chewbacca became best friends because they made that a relationship you can understand.

Lets be honest here I also was distracted by the main actress in the movie which is played by Emilia Clarke aka Khalesi, Queen of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen!  I couldn’t even tell you what her characters name is in the movie because I cant help but see her as her Game of Thrones character.  Anyways back to the movie!

While I think Rogue One (the first spinoff Star Wars movie) was great and filled in a plot hole from the original Star Wars films I again just felt that Solo was a story that didn’t need to be told.  There are also some classic characters that show up in this movie that confuse the whole franchises timeline but I think they did that more for fan favor than  anything else.  If you are a die hard Star Wars fan this would be a fun summer movie to bring you back into that universe.  I do love Star Wars but just never found myself excited during the movie (Khalesi excluded!)

Star Wars receives 5.5 buckets of popcorn.  Man I cant wait for Game of Thrones to come back.

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