After two viewings and countless google searches I feel very confident that I still do not fully understand what happened in the movie Annihilation.  And you know what? That is exactly what makes it a good movie.

Annihilation is your classic Sci-Fy movie and by classic I am talking 20000 Leagues Under the Sea style.  What separates Annihilation from most Sci-Fy films is that it requires makes the viewer really think to themselves about what is happening on the screen.  Annihilation is a movie about 5 women who enter what is called “The Shimmer” (The Shimmer is something that showed up 3 years in the past and every expedition that has taken place inside of it not one person has returned).  The Shimmer is a place that is rapidly mutating and evolving everything inside of it which is both beautiful and terrifying.  There are tons of mysteries surrounding The Shimmer but what is front and center for both the viewer and the 5 women of the film is what happened to the previous expeditions.  There are two theories: Something killed them or they went crazy and killed each other.  Throughout the movie you will find the answers to these theories.

Annihilation showcases stunning visuals that mostly take place inside The Shimmer and the music that plays throughout added to both the tension and beauty.  My advice when watching this film is to try and understand the human psyche and to watch what drives each character because as I stated before it took two viewings and some searching to try and understand what all was happening.  To me, this is what makes a movie special, I took extra time to not only watch it again but to search out other peoples opinions.  That being said I don’t think this movie is for everyone because it quite simply will not relate to most people.  If you are the type of person who likes something different and wants to solve pieces of the movie instead of having them spelled out for you then you will love this movie.  If you want an ending to a movie to provide exactly that, an end, then you will be disappointed.

Overall Annihilation is receiving 6.8 buckets of popcorn.

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