Deadpool 2

I was sitting in church for my sisters graduation this past weekend after seeing Deadpool 2 the night before and something struck me! Now you may be wondering to yourself, how would Deadpool and church be correlated?  Well here is how.

The priest started talking about super heroes in todays world and how he had heard about the greatest villain of them all Thanos (He clearly must not know of Heath Ledgers Joker but I digress).  Now I couldn’t help but wonder how characters like Deadpool, Domino and Cable would fit into the already massive and established MCU.  Well in Deadpool you have a character who doesn’t care about anything and is easily the funniest character in the MCU but he also cannot die.  Domino is lucky.  Yes that is literally her superpower and if you think that is silly just think if you could control how lucky you are.  She basically goes through each day creating her own reality.  Lastly, and most importantly, Cable.  Cable is basically a warrior with the ability to travel through time.  Ah, travel through time seems as though that would be one huge advantage against a villain like Thanos.  Throw in a person who cant be killed and some luck and I think we have the three heroes needed to bring down Thanos!

Now that my story and random thought about Deadpool facing Thanos is over lets get to the actual movie itself!

Deadpool 2 is as advertised.  It is the Merc with a Mouth that uses pop culture, 4th wall breaking, and action to keep you entertained throughout the whole movie.  I would say that if you liked the original Deadpool you are going to like this as well.  Seeing as I myself am a nerd I really enjoyed it but it also helps that I understood all of the jokes.  A major part of Deadpool 2 is the awareness of crap movies that have been made by Marvel, as well as, by Ryan Reynolds himself.  They do a good job of being self aware to making fun of themselves which is good comedy if you are aware past blunders.  The X-Force scene and special cameo for the invisible man may have been the funniest part of the movie so if you attend you will be laughing throughout that scene.

Overall Deadpool 2 is a funny and very entertaining movie on its own but it definitely more enjoyable if you are in tune with comics and past Marvel movies.  Deadpool 2 is receiving 6.9 buckets of popcorn.

Best preview was hands down The Happytime Murders

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