Avengers: Infinity War

This movie review is going to be short and sweet because that is all it requires.  GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

Granted I have seen all 18 Marvel films that have set up this colossal, epic, cosmic adventure but even if you haven’t seen them all it is so worth going to see.  The movie is an absolute roller coaster of emotions and excitement that I personally am going to go see more than one time in the theater.

Seeing as I said that this would be short and sweet I will keep to my promise and provide zero spoilers or breakdowns of anything from the movie itself.  This movie is as close to The Dark Knight as any superhero movie will come and The Dark Knight is one of the better movies period not just superhero ones.

If I were to give The Dark Knight 9.7 buckets of popcorn then Avengers: Infinity War is getting 9.6 Buckets of popcorn!

“And with a SNAP I’m done” 😉 😉

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