Fight Club

Everyone knows the first two rules of Fight Club.  If you happen to not know them then you are clearly missing out.  I decided to read Fight Club on the recommendation of a friend and seeing as I just read another book written by Chuck Palahniuk I figured why not read the book of a great movie.

In my own personal opinion Fight Club the movie is hands down one of the better book to movie adaptations and I can honestly say it now that I have read the book.  The book flows with the same plot as the movie with some minor changes and one larger one at the end.  If you have not seen Fight Club I don’t know where you have been hiding but you need to get on that stat!  If you were to ask most people what their favorite Brad Pitt movie is I would be willing to bet the large majority say it is Fight Club.  On the chance that not everyone has seen the movie I wont reveal the twist at the end but I will say that the book does the ending and twist quite a bit different than the movie.  Oddly enough I prefer the ending of the movie over the book but that might be due to my love of the song “Where is my mind” playing as the show ends, as well as, having a more open ending instead of the books ending which explains what happens to the narrator.

The hardest part about reading the book after seeing the movie, aside from knowing the huge twist, is you already have in your head what the characters look and sound like.  When you read Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) give out the rules of Fight Club your mind instantly pictures the scene from the movie.  The book also allows you to tap into just how fractured these characters are and how dark this book really is.  The movie does a great job of showing this but when you read the novel you get a better understanding of the destruction that these characters are trying to cause.  Even then the book and movie are showing people trying to take down the 1%.

I encourage you to absolutely read the book and re-watch the movie afterwards because I was so excited to see it again and totally reminded me how much I love the movie.  The book for me is getting 7.5 cups of coffee and I will be giving the movie 7.7 buckets of popcorn because I thought it was a great adaptation of the book.  But if you are reading this just remember the first two rules of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club!

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