A Quiet Place

Have you ever been self conscience about eating potato chips in a room that is very silent?  Well when you bring your popcorn bucket to A Quiet Place you will have the same fear!

A Quiet Place is advertised as a scary movie and while it is in some sense I didn’t believe it was your typical theme of a scary movie.  For the time I spent in the theater I was on the edge of seat with anticipation and suspense the whole time.  The name of the movie describes it quite well.  You are thrown into the story of a family that is trying to survive creatures that kill anything that makes sound.  I believe I read somewhere that there are only 90 words spoken throughout the movie and they all come in virtually one or two scenes.  This might make you wonder how can that even be a good show to watch but I promise you it is totally worth it.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski (Jim from the office) are married in real life and I have to tell you their performances are outstanding.  Between them and the kids who play their children you feel their tension with every shot at their face and eyes.  During the film you hang on every sound that is made because you know it may cause disaster.

The movie has a great twist and doesn’t spell everything out for you as to what brought the creatures around which I love.  You just are thrown into the story and accept that this is the life they are living.

Overall A Quiet Place is receiving 7.3 buckets of popcorn for being a super original idea, great acting, and overall suspense.  A side note is that Krasinski directed this movie which I found very cool because he will always be Jim from the office to me.

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