Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

There is a saying that some stories are better left untold.  I want to give you as much information about Three Billboards as I can but also feel that this movies story is not mine to tell and deserves to be watched.

Seeing that the director of the movie, Martin McDonagh, previously made one of my favorite movies In Brudges I knew that I would be interested in this movie well before it was receiving all the accolades.  You add in Frances McDormand, Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson……..consider me SOLD. Keep in mind that McDormand and Rockwell won Best Actress and Supporting Actor for their roles in this movie.

To begin with the story it is about a mother, McDormand, who lost her daughter 7 months prior where she was raped and murdered.  There have been zero arrests and no leads the entire time so McDormand has three billboards put up outside her town questioning the police for not getting anywhere with the case.  Harrelson is the towns chief police officer and Rockwell is a low IQ officer as well.  The movie progresses with McDormand getting a ton of pressure to take down the billboards and follows the lives of Harrelson and Rockwell.  The movie does not have a lot of action but you always feel immersed into how the story is flowing.  It if full of anger, hate, emotions, and is quite hilarious.

Seeing as I felt this movie deserves to be watched to be fully appreciated and telling too much of the story will take away form that I truly encourage people to see this movie with little knowledge going into it.  I feel that me my experience that much better knowing very little about what I was watching.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri receives 8.3 buckets of popcorn.

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