The Shape of Water

I had to see it.  How does one who write about movies not see the movie that won an Oscar for Best Picture.  If you want the honest truth……I enjoyed it! And here is why.

I have to admit I watch a lot of movies and in doing so its not often that something different comes around.  The Shape of Water is for sure different.  Is it for everyone? Probably not.  Not everyone can get around a woman and a fish getting it on but if that is all you take away from the movie then that’s all you were focused on going in.  I would say one of the major complaints in the movie industry these days is that nothing is original and that it is all remakes and superhero movies.  If you are one of these people then you should see The Shape of Water.

To begin with all good movies need good acting which this definitely checks that box.  Watching Michael Shannon play a bad guy is one of my favorite things to do.  He can give off such a creepy vibe that even his quirks are cringe worthy.  Being set in the 1960’s provided a cool atmosphere but also brought with it how different sections of people were discriminated against during that era.  ultimately the movie is centered on characters that are all discriminated against because of who or what they are, a mute woman, gay man, a black woman, and a foreign creature from South America.

The creature was treated like a god in South America and you will come to find out why as the movie progresses but it is because he is different that the government wants to kill and study him.  The movie is a love story at its heart but it throws in espionage, government spies and lots of comedy which is why when you look at the movie from afar you can understand how it would win Best Picture.

Do I think Shape of Water is the best movie I have seen this year?  No I don’t think it is but I absolutely appreciate it for being different and trying something new that also put of great acting performances.

The Shape of Water receives 7.1 popcorn buckets.

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