“The future you have tomorrow wont be the future you had yesterday.”  When I sat down to read the book Rant by Chuck Palahniuk I didn’t know anything about it or the author.  About halfway through I was already hooked and needed to look up the author.  He has written something I would assume most people know about called Fight Club.  Chances are you have at least seen the movie and if you haven’t then I suggest you get with it already and catch up to one great movie.

Now were you confused by how I started this post with a cryptic quote?  Good, because this book has everything and can be very confusing at times.  It is a book written in a oral history form about Buster “Rant” Casey, the greatest serial killer of all time.  Now, that doesn’t sound very cryptic but more so straight forward, however, this book is also about a dystopian future where people are segregated by Night and Day timers.  The book also throws in a large amount of time travel, but, it is not the way most people associate time travel.  Typically most people abide by the Grandfather Paradox where if you go in the past and change something it will ultimately change the future (example: Back to the Future).  This is not that type of time travel and finding that out and learning how it all unfolds is one of the more enjoyable/mind boggling aspects of this book.

If you are familiar with Fight Club then you can imagine the type of book Rant is.  There are very disturbing scenarios that are also hilarious.  Rant is a child who loves to be bitten by snakes, spiders, and scorpions.  His body is riddled with scars from bites, as well as, a mutated form of rabies but it is the only way that Rant feels alive, including, the only way he can become aroused.  Rant grew up in a small Oklahoman town where the closest big city is a 4 hour drive.  By the time Rant has infected most of his school with rabies and destroyed the local economy the town pays Rant to leave which brings him to the big city.

While in the big city Rant gets caught up with a group of Nighttimers who are involved in a game called Party Crashing.   Party Crashing is an event where people dress up themselves and their cars and go looking for others to wreck their vehicles.  Look at is as a form of playing bumper cars for real.  This is where Rant meets all of his friends who share their stories in the book.  The greatest mystery unveils after the apparent suicide of Buster “Rant” Casey when he wrecks his car Party Crashing, however, this is when multiple murders around town all lead to one suspect……Rant.

This book deals with disturbing themes at times but also can be laugh out loud funny.  If you are a fan of Fight Club, time travel, murder mystery, and dystopian futures then this book is for you.  It can be odd reading as it is written as through people being interviewed which is different for some.  Overall I really enjoyed this book.

Rant is receiving 7.3 out of 10 coffee cups.

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