Black Panther

The reviews have been in.  It is no surprise that what you will read here will coincide with what has been out there already.  Black Panther is AWESOME.

If I am being totally honest I was super excited to see this movie and that typically leads to being somewhat disappointed, but, that was not the case here.  Black Panther does an amazing job of creating a back story for the character that you feel a connection to the character.  A lot of that is because of the culture and history they created for his home country Wakanda.  Everything was so beautiful within the film that even slower parts of the movie kept you entertained visually.

The bad guy Killmongerer played by Michael B. Jordan felt like a worthy and understandable villain because he actually had a reason to be the villain.  Too often with super hero movies the bad guy is there simply because they need one and they don’t really have a reason to be there otherwise.  Speaking of superhero movies I truly believe that if you take away the fact that they are superheroes and look at the movie as any other you would be surprised how well Marvel is doing at making great movies.  Captain America movies could easily be mistaken for any CIA thriller.

Seeing as this is such a popular and well known movie all I can do is encourage you to see this film.  It is very well done and the cast is amazing.  Black Panthers sister was my favorite character by far.  Smart, witty and fun overall.


Black Panther gets 8.2 out of 10 popcorn buckets.

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