Ready Player One

The year is presently 2018 but honestly I feel as though I have bombarded with 1980’s culture lately and I am not mad about it.  Between watching Stranger Things and IT I am certainly getting my fill of 1980’s pop culture but for myself it began with Ready Player One.  Yes, the movie is coming out next month and I am JACKED to see it.

Ready Player One takes place in 2045 where there is an energy and population crisis in the world.  The internet and video game scene has evolved into a virtual reality that everyone in the world uses to escape from their reality.  As to be expected the virtual reality is an escape for everyone but it also is similar to real life in that the ultra rich can access more of what is called the OASIS than your average civilian.  Which takes us to our main character Wade Watts.  Wade is a poor high school boy who lives in Oklahoma with his aunt and uses the OASIS as an escape from his mundane life.

When the creator of the OASIS passes away he announces to the world that there is an Easter egg hidden within the OASIS and whoever finds it will win his entire life fortune, which, is in the Billions of dollars.  The trick is that players need to solve 80s puzzles to move on within the game.  This book channeled my inner nerd and I loved every second of it.  As the book progresses the stakes are upped when peoples real lives are put in danger because lets face it there are billions of dollars on the line.  The book is a wonderful fantasy that took me all of three days to finish as I just could not put it down.

You don’t need to be a gamer, 80s culture fan or a geek at all to enjoy this book but if you are any one of those three you will love it.  It is a simple book and uses pop culture references throughout and if you are aware of them you will read page after page.  The thought that the world would be over populate and short on resources is not all that wild of a thought and having humans more connected to a false reality is something I personally can see in the future.  Sounds very dystopian but it for sure intrigued me.

Overall I give Ready Player One 6.6 out of 10 cups of coffee.  Check out the book and then get ready for the movie!

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