Darkest Hour

“You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.”  This easily sums up how Winston Churchill viewed the situation with Adolf Hitler.  Darkest Hour is a movie based on the events of World War 2 when Churchill was brought in to be Prime Minister in May of 1940.

I am a sucker for history movies if anything because it always amazes how much has to go a certain way for things to happen.  The movie reminds me of another called Lincoln in that it is a movie that takes place during a very short yet pivotal time in history.  Gary Oldman plays Winston Churchill and I can undoubtedly see why he is up for Best Actor at the Oscars this year.  You will not be able to recognize him as he portrays the former Prime Minister but you will totally believe that he is acting just as Churchill behaved.  The overall theme of the movie is dark and that odds are entirely against the United Kingdom because at the time they were.  Churchill must decide between negotiating with Hitler or go against the odds (and against numerous members of his own political party) and have his country fight on while being unprepared.  The movie correlates with another this past year called Dunkirk in which Churchill ordered a country-wide mission for civilian boats to save over 300,000 men off the beach of Dunkirk.

The acting in the movie is superb and very well done by all those who were involved but it is clearly Gary Oldman, who gives the numerous speeches as Churchill did,  that stands above the rest.  After a scene where Churchill visits the train station to talk with commoners about whether they would want a treaty or if they would fight on and all stated they would fight til the death you see the mood of the film change.  No longer is the mood and visuals dark but rather all the light is being shown through.  The final speech Churchill gives and gets the full support of both parties is masterful.  When asked what just happened by opposing party members Viscount Halifax (proponent of a treaty) stated “Churchill just mobilized the English Language and sent it to battle.”

Darkest Hour gets 7.1 out of 10 popcorn buckets if anything because I know when you finish watching it you will go straight to google to learn more about him and the time as I did.

Best new trailer was Isle of Dogs

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