Tom Hardy is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite actors but it is the movie Locke that might take him into Leo status for myself.  Let me be perfectly clear about this movie.  It is not action packed, full of great scenery, and only features one actor on screen.  This is a movie strictly showcasing Tom Hardy’s skills as an actor and I freaking loved it!

Locke is about a man named Ivan Locke which takes place entirely inside of his car for a real time car ride from a suburb of London into the city which lasts 85 minutes.  Ivan works in construction and is leaving the night before the countries largest concrete pour in its history.  You are reading this correctly, this is a movie about a construction worker that takes place entirely in his car and you are along for the ride.  The movie is centered around a decision Ivan makes which is that he is going to leave town to see the birth of his child.  Problem is, is that it is not with his current wife.  The movie is a real time drive with Ivan as he makes numerous phone calls to his wife, son, mistress, boss, and employee.  The reason I loved this movie is that it showcases Tom Hardy’s acting skills.  Some and potentially most will not like this movie but I have come to appreciate certain things about movies and seeing one of the premiere actors of today have a performance like this really drew me in.  Hardy is gut wrenching, emotional, and totally believable in this movie because it is about an every day guy that has to make a decision that will alter his life for years to come.  As he has many conversations throughout the movie you can literally visualize what the other characters are doing even though you never see them.  Tom Holland (new Spider-Man) plays his son, whom he is supposed to be watching the big soccer game with, and as the movie goes on I can picture his family at home watching the game with excitement while Hardy is in tears on the other end.   Without ruining any spoilers I can simply say that this is 85 minutes worth your time to watch Hardy act.  There is no specific ending and I love that about the movie because with any situation in life it just continues.

Overall I am giving Locke 7.1 out 10 popcorn buckets.  Tom Hardy is now an actor that I am going to watch everything that he is involved in because he is that good.  Hope everyone had a Happy New Year! Many more books and movies to come in 2018!

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