Wind River


The disadvantage of having a small movie theater means that sometimes movies come along that never make it to our town. I will have to remember them from the trailer and wait for them to come out on dvd. Well let me tell you, Wind River, was well worth the wait.

Wind River is the story of a murdered young girl on a Native American reservation and the ensuing mystery that follows. As you watch you will feel as though you are watching that could take place in Montana because the scenery looks similar and you have an understanding of what is going on in the movie.

Jeremy Renner plays a tracker for fish, wildlife, and parks who hunts predators and Elizabeth Olson is the FBI agent, from Fort Lauderdale, assigned to the case in frigid Wyoming. The mystery the two are trying to solve is how a girl ended up running in the mountains and dying.

Being fantastically cast, written and directed Wind River is hands down one of the top movies of 2017. The beauty of the countryside and darkness of winter captured is relatable to anyone from Montana or Wyoming. It culminates by keeping you on the edge of your seat and the mystery unfolds by leaving you satisfied. I highly recommend renting this movie and watching it.

Overall Wind River gets 8 out of 10 popcorn buckets

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