Justice League

Whenever I am rushing to get out of the house to get caught up with the day I will undoubtedly forget my keys, wallet, or to make sure the dog has his chew toys handy.  While these occurrences aren’t the worst things to happen they certainly aren’t great either.  That is how I would begin to explain Justice League.

Its all about the expectation you have with super hero movies.  I believe that in most peoples mind that Justice League was already going to be a bad movie.  I don’t feel that it was terrible but I don’t think it was that great.  Imagine going to Vegas and having to stay in the Budget Inn.  Cool, you have a place to stay but your left unsatisfied because you want all the glamour and fun that comes with staying on the strip in the big hotels.

DC is in such a rush to keep up with Marvel that it is missing out on what makes Marvel the gold standard for superhero movies and that is the foundation.  Marvel is what it is today because every hero has had the groundwork laid for their character.  There have been three Iron Man, three Captain America, three Thor, and a handful of other solo adventures.  So when you watch The Avengers you have a certain familiarity and connection with the characters.    DC is simply going backwards with this approach and having the Justice League introduce characters like the Flash and Aquaman.

The movie has a much less dark tone than previous films, such as, Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman and has more of a fun and relatable tone like that of the Wonder Woman movie.  Batman is my favorite superhero of all time simple because he isn’t a superhero but rather a person who wants the best for the world.  In Justice League you really come to see that Batman himself knows he has limits and cannot be the beacon of hope he once thought he was.  Batman tries to steer Wonder Woman into being the leader of the League and that beacon of hope she has avoided since being in the human world by encouraging and angering her.

Other members of the League (Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg) help bring the lighter tone to the movie but because there have been no previous story arcs for them their back stories are rushed to help us care more about them.  Out of the three The Flash is the highlight of the movie as he brings a young and dorky attitude to the movie that previous DC films have avoided.

To conclude I was say that Justice League is an average movie but is watchable based on the expectations I originally had.  It is going to receive 4 out of 10 popcorn buckets.

Most memorable quote. “The world needs Superman, the team needs Clark. He’s more human than I am. He lived in this world, fell in love, had a job. In spite of all that power.”  Batman when discussing Superman.  This is memorable because it shows that Batman is realizing who he really is and all his flaws.

Hero of the movie: I give this nod to both The Flash and Wonder Woman.  The Flash is hilarious and Wonder Woman continues to be the best character in DC movies.

Cringe worthy: So much CGI!! I know it is needed but the movie is just filled with it or in a specific case it is used to take out a mustache.  You’ll understand when you see it.



One thought on “Justice League

  1. I saw this movie last night. I liked it more than you, but it wasn’t as great as I expected. I loved Wonder Woman, Flash & Aquaman (for purely visual reasons). It’s a step up for DC movies!

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