Murder on the Orient Express

Every now and then I love to play a good board game. Clue was one of those games that can be entertaining for a time. That’s how I would describe Murder on the Orient Express. Entertaining for a time.

The main character, whom everyone calls Hercules despite that not being the right pronouncement, (I still don’t know how he says it) is the best detective in the world. Imagine he is Sherlock Holmes because that’s essentially the exact character he is based off of. The detective finds his way into a train full of different “characters” whom all seem to know who the detective is and all his fame. The first to inquire the help of the detective is Johnny Depps character who is an art dealer who turns out to be a gangster. This is a set up for the rest of the movie. Every passenger on the train basically has two different characters. If this sounds convoluted that’d because it is. There are twelve passengers onboard which means there are twelve different stories to tell. When Johnny Depps character turns up dead in his cabin he detective is tasked with solving the crime.

This is where the movie plays out like the board game clue. The detective spends the rest of the movie interviewing these twelve passengers who all have different stories and have all lied to him at some point. While the movie progresses they attempt to sway you into who the detective believes is the killer and what the motives are. What you don’t know and won’t realize til the end is that all the passengers including the detective are all intertwined from a previous incident involving them all.

If you are confused by this all then don’t worry you are not alone. Murder on the Orient Express struggles to keep you entertained simply because there is too much going on with too many characters and I found it very difficult to really care who was the killer because of the fact that Johnny Depp is a horrible gangster. The one positive in the movie, because I always find positives, is the visuals were very beautiful. They did a good job providing stunning scenery considering the movie is taking place inside one train car.

All this being said I would recommend you get together with some friends and play the real game of clue or catch this movie when it plays on Spike TV in a couple years. 2 out of 10 popcorn buckets for this movie because I did like the visuals after all.

P. S. The actual best part of the movie was seeing someone who I am always glad to see and have a talk with.

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