Thor: Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok (took me until seeing the movie to understand how to pronounce that word) FINALLY give us the best version of Thor to date throughout the five Marvel Movies he has appeared in.  It just so happens that this is the best Hulk movie that we have been given as well.  Since that is such a bold statement I better explain myself.

Thor begins by setting you up for what is about to come before by introducing what I would say is his new sense of humor and a big battle scene which consists of TONS of hammer action.  What follows is Thor returning to Asgard, his home, to visit his father and discuss the chaos going on throughout the galaxy.  He stumbles upon the people of Asgard watching a play being performed and a scene that feels like an old Roman party.  During the play you finally recognize the person who is playing Loki, Thor’s brother, who seems to be doing a cameo in every other movie I see lately.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise but it rhymes with “shat damon.”

Thor then convinces Loki, who is the most bizarre good/bad guy, to go visit their father and this is where the main antagonist arises.  When their father vanishes it allows for Hela, the goddess of death, to come to power with their father now gone.  During this encounter Thor and Loki realize they are in more trouble than they originally thought when Hela destroys Thor’s hammer and sends them to different worlds so she may rule Asgard.  This puts Thor on a journey to discover who he is and what he can do without the hammer “weighing” him down.

Now that you have been set up for the movie is about it is what follows that makes it both different and special from previous Thor movies.  The entire movie gives off the vibe of a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe as it takes place on alien planets with goofy creatures and an amazing soundtrack.  The addition of the Hulk to the movie made it that much more special.  The Hulk finally has a personality and it is that of a 12 year old younger brother.  Imagine arguing with a 12 year old about who gets to ride shotgun in the car and that’s the image you can see of Hulk.

Throughout the movie you will find yourself laughing and being visually entertained.  I found myself nodding my head during fight scenes because of the soundtracks being played.  You will feel closer to Thor as a character because he realizes who he is now and that’s not just because he ditched the long blonde hair.  When you think of the simple reasons why you would go to a movie I believe Thor: Ragnarok checks all those boxes.  I strongly suggest seeing Thor in the theaters as it is receiving 7 out of 10 popcorn buckets from myself! Check out the trailer below.



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